"Hallmark of success : to be translated into languages which we never knew existed" (Eric Neuhoff)

International Trad Company is a multidisciplinary language service provider offering a wide range of services: translation, interpretation, web site localisation, DTP and transcription of audio and video files. We have access to a large network of translators who work every day for our clients in more than 90 languages and dialects.


Our translation agency offers language expertise in multiple sectors:
► transport, logistics and distribution,
► marketing and communication,
► ecology and environment,
► aestethics and well being,
► legal and financial,
► medical/pharma, etc.

International Trad Company adapts to the needs and requirements of the international world of business. We put our experience and methodology to work to offer our clients a professional translation service.

Quality, rigour, expertise and linguistic expertise are the keys to our success and guarantee our clients that their message is communicated on the global market in several languages.